The Secure Payments Partnership represents and advocates for industries that span the payments system. We advance sound policies that drive state-of-the-art technologies, competition and collaboration to continually improve the nation's payment infrastructure, meet the evolving needs of commerce, and provide businesses and consumers convenience, flexibility and security in payment options. The Secure Payments Partnership is committed to making the U.S. payments infrastructure the strongest, most innovative and most secure in the world.
What we stand for
Strong User Authentication
Payment Security Innovation
Open Security and Implementation Standards
Network Routing Competition
New Fed Study Underlines Spike in Electronic Payments Fraud
Secure Payments Partnership responds to latest data from Federal Reserve WASHINGTON DC, October 17, 2018 –  The Secure Payments Partnership (SPP), a coalition of retailers and payment networks that have joined together to promote greater security and transparency across the payments system, responded to the latest data from the Federal Reserve on the surge in […]
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8 mobile payment trends that matter for 2019
Effective ecosystem development and management, enabled through standardized APIs, will be a differentiated capability. Companies will need to be adept at rapidly assembling an ecosystem that provides access to the right type and scale of data, advanced analytics, and the right customer touch points to deliver enhanced value propositions to customers. Innovators will have to […]
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Payments Fraud Rides Money Mules Into 2019
It’s no surprise that payments fraud is on the rise. Juniper Research, for example, has estimated that retailers will lose as much as $130 billion in card-not-present (CNP) fraud through 2023 — as tech gets more complex and transactions are done across borders.
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Payment Automation for SMBs is Good Business for 2019 and Beyond
FinTechs collaborating to develop STP solutions for SMBs is a tide that lifts all boats. Not only will the suppliers benefit from the efficiency and cost savings of automation, but other players in the ecosystem who deliver payments will also benefit through an increase in electronically delivered payments, generating revenue and improved service for their […]
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About SPP

The Secure Payments Partnership (SPP) brings together retail groups and payment networks who are committed to greater security and transparency across the payments system. SPP founding members include the Food Marketing Institute, National Retail Federation, National Association of Convenience Stores, National Grocers Association, First Data’s STAR Network, and SHAZAM. SPP was formed to anticipate new and better technologies for making payments that are secure and fast. SPP encourages and supports sound policies that improve the payments infrastructure, meet the evolving needs of commerce, and provide convenience and security to businesses and consumers.