The Secure Payments Partnership represents and advocates for industries that span the payments system. We advance sound policies that drive state-of-the-art technologies, competition and collaboration to continually improve the nation's payment infrastructure, meet the evolving needs of commerce, and provide businesses and consumers convenience, flexibility and security in payment options. The Secure Payments Partnership is committed to making the U.S. payments infrastructure the strongest, most innovative and most secure in the world.
What we stand for
Strong User Authentication
Payment Security Innovation
Open Security and Implementation Standards
Network Routing Competition
New Fed Study Underlines Spike in Electronic Payments Fraud
Secure Payments Partnership responds to latest data from Federal Reserve WASHINGTON DC, October 17, 2018 –  The Secure Payments Partnership (SPP), a coalition of retailers and payment networks that have joined together to promote greater security and transparency across the payments system, responded to the latest data from the Federal Reserve on the surge in […]
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FTC letter to Representative Welch on Standard Setting for Payment Security Technologies
Dear Representative Welch: Thank you for your letter to the Federal Trade Commission calling for vigilant antitrust oversight of standard-setting activities involving the development of mobile payment and payment security technologies. We appreciate receiving your views and hearing your concerns in relation to these developing markets. [...] The Commission takes seriously the risk that major financial services incumbents might utilize their positions [...]
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Retailers, payments companies join forces on new security-focused trade group
SPP hopes to open up the process to competing card networks, merchants, consumers and financial institutions, so that all stakeholders can work together to increase the security and transparency of payments, and limit the effects of fraud, the release said. The partnership will also focus on meeting consumer expectations for security, convenience and flexibility in payment options, as new technologies emerge.
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Partnership to promote security and devise improvements for US card payment system
SPP was formed to anticipate new and better technologies for making secure and fast payments. SPP believes all parties involved must work together in order to achieve successful payment security, increase transparency, and limit fraud. [...] SPP looks to harness technologies such as mobile and wearable payments, biometrics, artificial intelligence, geolocation, IP verification, blockchain, and others to benefit all users.
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About SPP

The Secure Payments Partnership (SPP) brings together retail groups and payment networks who are committed to greater security and transparency across the payments system. SPP founding members include the Food Marketing Institute, National Retail Federation, National Association of Convenience Stores, National Grocers Association, First Data’s STAR Network, and SHAZAM. SPP was formed to anticipate new and better technologies for making payments that are secure and fast. SPP encourages and supports sound policies that improve the payments infrastructure, meet the evolving needs of commerce, and provide convenience and security to businesses and consumers.